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Good evening and happy Saturday! My name is Sandra, I am a teacher, and the purpose of this blog is to share personal educational and teaching experiences to help aspiring teachers, colleagues, parents and anyone else who is interested in and passionate about early childhood education. In this blog, I will share my current Philosophy of Education; personal experiences in my classroom; how I develop curriculum; my lesson plans; pictures of students work and progress; behavior management protocols that I use in my classroom; how my classroom is set up; a description of why each center is developmentally appropriate; the value of including parents in the classroom; how I incorporate topics of social justice in everyday activities; how I teach students math, science, literacy, etc; reflections on each topic; etc. I hope that you find this blog helpful and resourceful!


Philosophy of Education:
     Providing students with an enriching and encouraging educational experience is essential to their academic success. It is important that every student has the opportunity to receive an exceptional education. However, due to the standards of individual schools, many students are forced to attend an educational institution that does not provide the experiences that will allow them to succeed, much less excel. The purpose of Early Childhood Education is to provide each student with the necessities that will allow him to succeed. The most essential element that schools should provide are teachers that want to encourage and motivate their students’ to strive and excel in any endeavor they partake in. One of the great inspirations which led to my interest in pursuing a career in teaching was the low quality of my elementary and secondary school education. Coming from an urban area where education is often overlooked has provided me with both a realistic understanding of the classroom and the place of the teacher as well as the methods which work best in improving the relationship between teacher and student.
I genuinely believe that everyone has the potential to excel in school as long as the teacher creates a safe and encouraging environment where the students can take risks and build confidence in themselves. There is a large population of students that are often surrounded by negativity and need a support system, and unfortunately, many of these students come from disadvantaged and low income households. As a result, they come to school with no support from home and depend on school for that support. When they come to a school that fails to provide this support, students are often discouraged about the potential that lies within themselves which could then cause them to lack interest in school.

As a teacher of early childhood education, I believe there are key elements that need to be incorporated into the classroom to secure a safe, nurturing, positive, and enriching learning environment for students. First, I believe it is essential to establish a sense of community within the classroom the moment the students enter and teach the students exactly what it means to be a part of a community. We will discuss important topics such as acceptance of diversity, respect of each other’s beliefs and opinions, empathy, and what it means to be a part of a safe space. Morning meeting will be structured to talk about these topics and used as a time for students to discuss anything that they feel compelled to talk about, especially topics of social justice. Second, my curriculum will be designed to incorporate topics of social justice that are impacting my students in their everyday lives. It will be taught using examples that are meaningful, enjoyable, and relevant to the students in my classroom to encourage inquiry, focus and interest during whole and small group instruction. Third, each lesson will be differentiated to meet each student’s learning needs and I will use both informal and formal assessment after every lesson to check if students are mastering concepts. These are the strategies that I plan to use to create an enriching, safe, and encouraging classroom environment where students can build the confidence that they need to be successful in school.

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