The First Eight Weeks =D

Good evening and happy Saturday! This post is all about my experience through the first eight weeks of my first trimester. These were the weeks in which I was not aware that I was pregnant. I hope that you find this helpful =D

On June 12th, 2015, I went to the ER due to a severe pain on my right side. I had been experiencing that same pain for four days before I finally went to the ER. They confirmed that I had a cyst on my right ovary that seemed to be twisting and untwisting. With a blood pregnancy test that came back negative and a diagnosis, I thought I just had a cyst. After the pain subsided, I became very sick: I was overwhelmingly tired all the time to a point where I was in bed or needed to be in bed for the majority of the day; I was incredibly nauseous and unable to keep down most foods, and the foods that I used to love to eat became increasingly aversive; I was very thirsty, everyday I drank double the amount of water that I drank prior to becoming pregnant; My bladder became very overwhelming, the sensation to pee sometimes came on so suddenly and strong that I found myself darting for the bathroom. What was even crazier was that I would use the bathroom, and by the time I was done washing my hands, I would have a full bladder again! Sometimes I did not even see a reason to leave to bathroom between my bladder and my nauseousness. I was very weak, and for my entire first trimester, I worked in a position that required me to be physically active for an extended duration. I was no longer able to complete the strenuous activities that I was once able to do without any hesitation. If I was not home and in bed, I found myself sitting because of how weak and nauseous I was. I could not believe that a cyst was causing me to become this ill. On July 2nd, I did not leave the bathroom because I was so sick, so I decided to call out of work and make an appointment to go my gynecologist. When I arrived at the office, I told them my symptoms and his assistant asked, “Could you be pregnant?” I told her that the blood test a few weeks prior came out negative, and she took a urine sample and we waited for one minute. She showed me this:



and said, “Congratulations, you are very pregnant.” At that very moment, I was so overcome with happiness that all of the symptoms that I had been feeling for the last eight weeks were suddenly so worth it.

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