My Cute Little Kitties and My Toxoplasmosis Scare

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I have three zany, quirky, and lovable kitties that are super lovable and super cute. Each of these kitties put a smile on my face on a daily basis. So how can these cats be dangerous to me and my baby? In this post, I will introduce you to my kitties, provide a description about them, and explain how they cause a serious danger to me an my baby. If you are not interested in reading about my kitties, skip to the bottom of the post where I introduce the topic of importance: Toxoplasmosis

Meet Boo Boo  


Boo Boo came into our lives in March 2012. He is officially my first pet ever. He was a crazy kitten, but after a year, became the cuddly little Boo Boo Bear that he is today. Boo Boo is the quirkiest kitty of the three of our cats. When he is upset, he will drop down and start kicking the floor with his feet to warn us that he is not in a good mood. It is the cutest thing ever. His favorite past times are to chirp at birds from a window, chase flies (with no success) around our apartment, crawl into dark confined spaces, and drink running water from the faucet. He truly is an interesting and eccentric cat.

Meet Baby Jesus


This kitty will break your heart. He came into our lives in June 2012. From the moment we brought him home, he was always the most gentle, kind, and lovable kitty. For the first year, we thought Boo Boo was a girl, so we originally decided to get Baby Jesus to mate with him. It was not until a few months later that I saw a pink thing come out of Boo Boo’s vagina–only to discover that he never had a vagina. We were wondering why Boo Boo was always trying to dominate Baby Jesus, usually, it is the male cat who tries to dominate the female. Well, not only was Boo Boo actually a male, but he over asserted his alpha maleness by dominating Baby Jesus, and unfortunately defiled him for about a year. This stopped when we got them neutered, which was a blessing. However, as a result to Boo Boo’s harassment, Baby Jesus developed severe kitty anxiety. When he is not anxious, his favorite past time is to lay on our chest and snuggle with us. He literally does not have any other hobbies besides staring at us. He developed such an attachment to us that he cries and scratches at our bedroom door at night until we let him in–the happiness that this cat expresses when we open the door is super cute. This cat wants nothing but our love.

Meet Owen


This kitty was the best mistake ever. We brought this cat home in April 2015, and everyday since he has demonstrated his appreciation for us. Unlike Baby Jesus who wants our love, all this kitty cares about is giving us love. He does not stop cuddling with us! Everywhere we go, Owen follows and spreads his love everywhere. This cat is truly grateful to have a home and to not be in a cage.

This is the first cat we actually purchased (we picked up the other two cats from owners through craigslist). He was intended to be a gift for my wonderful mother. Matt and I spent a lot of time with kittens trying to find the perfect companion for her, and when they brought Owen and his two brothers to us, Owen instantaneously gave us so much love. He would not stop rubbing on us or sitting on us. This kitty was the winner; the perfect companion. We decided to participate in the foster to adopt program, which allowed us 30 days to return him if we were unsatisfied. My mom was never a pet owner, and though she loved him, she decided she was unhappy with owning a cat and wanted us to give him back. Matt and I had grown attached to this little guy, so we brought him to our apartment. Owen’s favorite past times are to give love to us and our other cats, snuggle with us, rub on us, chirp at birds with big brother Boo Boo, wrestle with Baby Jesus, chase flies around our apartment (successfully), and the cutest of all of our cats past times: collect bottle caps. We recently found a stash of the bottle caps that he has collected over the last few months–17 to be exact. When his stash was exposed, he had to move them to a new place. This cat is the perfect kitten.

Owen is very sickly; the people we were fostering him from took care of all medical bills during the foster period, so we brought him to the vet. It turned out that he was infected with eye herpes, and he had some parasites in his tummy. We were going to return him, but I just couldn’t do it!! There is nothing we could do for his eye herpes, and our other cats were already exposed (though they are up to date on their shots so it decreases the probability of them contracting the virus). And no, feline herpes can not be passed to humans. We actually took him to our own vet prior to taking him to the vet who has been handling him since he was a baby. Our vet ended up misdiagnosing him and giving us medications that caused him to have uncontrollable bowel movements. Thats when we took him to his original vet who gave us the proper diagnosis and it took about three weeks for Owen’s bowel movements to become somewhat regular.

This is where the toxoplasmosis scare came in.


I first researched Toxoplasmosis at

Please visit the site above for more details!

Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that is found in undercooked meat. The reason cats pose a threat is because if they eat a rodent, bird, or other animal that is infected with the parasite, they too will become infected. The parasite sheds through their feces, and is highly contagious.

How does this impact me and my child during pregnancy?

If a woman becomes infected with Toxoplasmosis 6 months prior to becoming pregnant through anytime throughout the pregnancy, the child is at high risk for developing brain damage.

My Toxoplasmosis Scare

When we brought Owen home, there was a three week period where he had uncontrollable bowel movements. This caused me to clean up after him multiple times a day. I conceived in May, and found out I was pregnant in July. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was deeply concerned I contracted Toxoplasmosis from this cat while he was sick. For the first week of my pregnancy, I was incredibly anxious; fearful that I harmed my baby. We took Owen to the vet, got him tested for Toxoplasmosis, and after what seemed to be the longest week ever, we found out that he was negative! I was so excited because I knew at that point if I did have it, I would have contracted it a long time ago from my other cats. A week later, I got tested for Toxoplasmosis at my gynecologist’s office and the results came back negative =D I was so relieved after getting my results back! =D We are now in the process of testing our other two kitties.

I am so afraid of this parasite that I am probably going to get tested a few more times throughout this pregnancy.

I hope that this post was helpful =D I hope that you have a wonderful night! <3

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