20 Beautiful Weeks of Pregnancy =D

Good evening and happy Wednesday! =D I am now 20 weeks, and I am loving everything about this pregnancy. Week 18 marked a lot of novel experiences for me. It was officially the first week that I had a noticeable baby bump, it was the first time that I was able to distinguish my son’s movements from everything else going on in my body, it was the moment it was a necessity to buy maternity pants, and it was the first time that I experienced heavy and severe pelvic pressure. I had pelvic pressure for a full 12 hours before getting an emergency ultra sound; and it turned out my baby was just starting the make extra room in my tummy. They did not show me the ultrasound at first when I was getting checked out to make sure the pelvis pressure was not anything serious. Matt said the first thing he saw when baby boy was on the ultrasound was him stretching. Little cutie. A few moments later, the ultrasound technician asked us “do you know what you are having, because it is very clear.” Before I even looked at the screen, Matt’s excited reaction of, “Woah! Good for him!” already suggested to me that our first child is a masculine child.

Now that I am in week 20, I had to change my expectations about working out. I was working out 4 times a week until my severe pelvic pressure started, so I have not done any toning exercises since week 18. I have been staying in tune with my body and I know that I need to take it easy for now.  I have been really enjoying slow walks, especially while this weather is so beautiful. I am so used to walking to places in a rush, but now I take an extra hour before I go somewhere just so I can enjoy every moment of the autumn air. In a few weeks, I hope to start prenatal yoga classes. I am planning on giving birth naturally (we will see how that goes and if my mind changes in the delivery room), but prenatal yoga will help me stay in shape, assist with stretching, and teach me breathing techniques.

So far, I have gained 8 beautiful pounds this pregnancy. My pre pregnancy weight was 115 and I am currently 123. I’m trying not to worry about how much weight I gain, my body will gain whatever it needs to support the growth and development of my baby. However, I do monitor what I eat. If I eat 2100 calories in one day, I make sure that they are calories that are made up of nutrients that will positively impact my baby’s development. I do have days where I eat empty calories, but I do not do it every day.

To support my growing belly, I found the best maternity pants ever. I bought three pairs of MAMA Skinny Maternity Pants at H&M, and they are probably my favorite pants ever! I will be posting some pictures soon =D

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day! =D

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