Fade Out and Arkham Asylum

Good evening and happy Tuesday! Back in April, I decided to check out comic books. I actually became interested in comic books after I read reviews about the graphic novel From Hell by Alan Moore. One day, Matt and I went to FJB Comics, an amazing comic book store located in downtown Jersey City, to pick up some comics. I decided to buy the trade Fade Out by Ed Brubaker and the graphic novel Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison. My favorite part about reading comics is how they are written; I expect a lot from the story line as well as the style of writing itself. Ed Brubaker and Grant Morrison have become two of my favorite writers.

Fade Out


Fade Out tells a noir inspired story about a murder of an actress that occurred in Hollywood in the 1940’s. We follow the protagonist, Charlie, a screen play writer, through his experiences as he tries to solve the murder. This comic is still running, and has been everything but disappointing.

Arkham Asylum


Arkham Asylum is a graphic novel that tells a story about Batman’s experience from inside Arkham Asylum. Both the writing and the illustrations in this novel are exceptional and offer an experience that I have yet to feel from any other story. Morrison and McKean’s work compliment each other perfectly to make this novel as horrifying as it is. Dave Mckean’s has to be one of my favorite illustrators; you will see why when you open this novel.

If you enjoy reading comics or are thinking about checking them out, I highly recommend reading Fade Out and Arkham Asylum. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a wonderful night! =D

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