Responding Positively to Novel Pregnancy Experiences and Necessary Lifestyle Changes

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I am officially in the third trimester of pregnancy =D Just 12 more weeks until I meet my little baby boy. =D When I first found out that I was pregnant, I had no idea what to expect from pregnancy. No matter how many women one speaks with, it is important to recognize that each pregnancy is an individual experience. Pregnancy can impact and change one’s lifestyle in many ways, but I believe it is how a woman responds to these impacts and lifestyle changes that may influence her attitude towards pregnancy.

Impacts of Pregnancy and My Response to Them 

I generated a list describing the way pregnancy has impacted me so far and how my lifestyle has changed as a result to these impacts. Each of these took some time getting accustomed to, but each impact is positive! =D

  1. Since the first trimester, I have had food aversions to foods that I previously loved. This has proven to be positive since I substituted these items with nutritious meals and snacks that have made me a lot healthier. Thank you food aversions!
  2. Throughout all three trimesters, my body has had strict dairy consumption limitations. If I eat too much dairy, I become very ill. This has not only made me healthier, but I finally learned will power and am able to consume cravings in moderation. Thank you dairy limitations!
  3. Since week 17, I have been experiencing severe pelvic pressure, which required me to adjust my exercise routine. Since I have been advised against toning exercises, I started walking 2 to 2.5 miles a day five days a week. To my surprise, with the combination of eating  healthy and walking, I have barely lost any muscle or gained any fat on my legs and butt. I have lost muscle on my arms, but have not gained any fat. The only place I have lost muscle and gained fat is on my belly. Another benefit to walking is enjoying the beautiful fall weather and fall scenery. I absolutely love this time of year, everything looks beautiful. Thank you pelvic pressure!
  4. During the first trimester and now again in the third trimester, I am experiencing extreme fatigue. I think it is more difficult in the third trimester because I developed insomnia during week 24. Since I have never had sleeping difficulties prior to this, this new symptom took some getting used to, but I am embracing all of the hours that I am awake. I get around 3 solid hours of sleep a night without getting up. When I wake up and can not fall asleep, I have been getting up and being productive. I have been really taking advantage of the extra time I have awake. Baby boy is more active at night, so I am happy that having insomnia has given me more time to feel him kick and squirm in my belly. Thank you insomnia!
  5. Before I even knew I was pregnant, probably since week 1, the need to pee throughout my entire pregnancy has been frequent and intense. This is one of the factors keeping me up at night. Having this need to pee often gives me set breaks during a busy work day to just relax for a minute. Thank you frequent urination!

Thus far, this is how pregnancy has impacted my lifestyle. I am responding to each impact with a positive attitude and am finding the benefits of each of them. I absolutely love being pregnant. I am one happy pregnant woman =D

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday <3

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