Postpartum Body Progression

Good morning and happy Saturday! It is truly incredible what a woman’s body is capable of doing to accommodate pregnancy. It took me by surprise how quickly I lost my pregnancy weight. I am 4 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight, but weight is not something I am too concerned about. What I am excited for is watching my stomach become toned again! I am choosing to wait until 8 weeks to begin working out to give my body more time to rest. Breastfeeding has been extremely exhausting for me, so I am just trying to relax and rest in between feeding sessions. I have to be honest, I was expecting HUGE changes postpartum, but there hasn’t been. Here is my experience:

I had a first degree episiotomy during childbirth, so my skin was cut to assist Paul’s birth. I was given stitches, and the only time I felt discomfort was 5 days postpartum when the stitches were closing. I saw my doctor three weeks postpartum and everything was perfect. I know that this is a question that many women have, and I can assure you, at least for women who will receive a first degree episiotomy, that everything goes back to normal both aesthetically and sensationally down there. Nothing at all has changed.

My stomach appears different. My hips and waist are currently wider, and my skin is loose. I am certain that this will change when I start working out, so I will revisit this over the course of the next few months. I am going to see a physical therapist this week who will tell me what I need to do to optimize toning my abs. After I gave birth, the nurse told me my abs split 3 fingers wide, and that it would close over the next 6 weeks. I need to make sure that my abs are closed before I begin working out or the results will not be appealing. If they are still split, I would have to do specific workouts to close the separation before I can start toning. None of the things I just mentioned are permanent changes, and I am so ready to see what my body can do. What I do have that is permanent, and am very proud of, are 4 long stretch marks underneath my belly button. As much as I put on my cocoa butter, ate a strict healthy diet, and gained weight slowly; I knew at 20 weeks pregnant that I would develop stretch marks at some point because Paul would frequently put so much pressure in my belly button.

The biggest ongoing slow change that I have are with my breasts. The more milk that Paul demands, the bigger they get. Had I not breastfed, they would have looked exactly like they did pre pregnancy, but because I am breastfeeding, they are always producing milk. Other than the fullness, they have not changed.

February 7th (3 hours postpartum)

 3 hours front 3 hours

Feeling my tummy after giving birth was really weird. It was literally empty since I was no longer supporting a baby and my organs still needed 6 weeks to fall back into place. It was really squishy at first.

 February 10th (3 days postpartum)

    feb 10th feb 10th side

February 12th (5 days postpartum)

    Feb 12th front  Feb 12th

February 25th (18 days postpartum)

        Feb 25th side  Feb 25th

March 6th (28 days postpartum)

         March 6th side   March 6th

March 25th (47 days postpartum)

march 25th side  March 25th

This entire journey has been incredible, and I am looking forward to subsequent pregnancies. I am not interested in getting my pre pregnancy body back; what I am interested in is sculpting and embracing my new body. Thank you for reading and coming on this journey with me <3 I hope you have a happy Saturday!

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