The Diary of Mama Bear: Happy 5 Months Sweet Boy

Good afternoon and happy Friday! Paulie is 5 months and 8 days old today <3

Check ups and Vaccinations

My baby boy had a doctors appointment yesterday, and he is weighing at 17 pounds (he is in the 80th percentile), he is 24 inches long, and his head circumference is 42 inches. Yesterday was a big day for him because he received his first round of DTaP and Polio. We are not following the recommended schedule, instead, our pediatrician is working with us on a modified schedule. Vaccinations are important in protecting our babies from horrible preventable diseases, and we are very lucky that we found an amazing pediatrician who understands our desire to vaccinate while hearing our concerns of introducing too many vaccinations at one time over a short period of time. Since Paul is not starting school until Pre-K and we limit his exposure to certain activities, a modified schedule works for us. Now that he has received his first round of HIB, PCV, Polio, and DTaP, we will be able to start bringing him out.

Before Paul is given a new vaccination, I research the following things:

  • The risks of the diseases.
  • The brand of each vaccine and the company that makes them.
  • The ingredients in the vaccination.
  • The toxicity of the ingredients and how they may impact development.
  • The CDC’s statement about the vaccination.

For me, it is important that I am well educated on the risks of the diseases as well as the risks of the vaccinations before Paul receives his shots. After researching these things, I talk with Paul’s pediatrician about my concerns. Ultimately, the risks involved with catching these diseases are far worse than the risks of the vaccination itself, which is why we decided to vaccinate him on a modified schedule that works for us.

Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive, and Social Development

Month 4 was a big month for Paul developmentally. The week he turned 4 months, he became incredibly curious about his body. He had already noticed his feet when he was 3 months old, but he found them and started playing with them the week that he turned 4 months old. He has been LOVING bath time, especially now that he understands that he can use his body to splash. During bath time he has been exploring every part of his body with his eyes and hands, so every time he touches a part of his body, we talk about it.

During tummy time, he has been moving longer distances. It’s incredible to see how much stronger he is now than he was last month. He has been practicing lifting his body with his entire arms rather than just his forearms, and he has excellent control over his head. Three weeks ago, he started rolling over from his tummy to his back, which he thinks is hilarious. I have been really impressed with his eye and hand coordination. The first thing he ever reached for and explored was daddy’s face when he was 2 and a half months old. At 3 months was when he started reaching, grabbing, and putting everything that was in his hands into his mouth. Now, he always reaches out for anything that is put in front of him. During tummy time, I put things in front of him but make sure that they are out of reach, and he always moves himself to get the toy. He is such a curious boy and wants to learn about everything he looks at.

Paul has been determined to sit since the week that he turned 3 months old, and has been determined to stand since 1 month old. We have been practicing assisted standing since he turned 3 months old, and now, Paul wants to do everything while sitting up or standing. Currently, and only when I give him my hands, he is able to grab on and pull himself up from laying to sitting position and then from sitting position to standing position. It is incredible.

Sleep Regression

Paul entered his 4 month sleep regression the week he turned 4 months old. Sleep regressions are thought to occur due to brain development, especially preceding developmental milestones. Also, at 4 months, a baby’s sleep pattern changes into an adult like pattern, and many infants have difficulty soothing themselves back to sleep in between sleep cycles. For the first two weeks of his 4th month, he was waking up every hour. Now, the longest stretch of time that Paul sleeps is 4 hours, and then wakes up every 2 hours after that. No matter what time he goes to sleep at night, he always wakes up at 6 am with the biggest smile on his face. =D

Paul is such a social and happy boy. This little cuddle muffin was made just for me!








Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a happy Friday! =D

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