The Diary of Mama Bear: My big 6 month old!

Good evening and happy Friday! I am astonished by how quickly time is flying; my baby is already a half year old! This month was an amazing month for Paulino, and he is very busy exploring his world these days 😊 Pauly is now 17 lbs 11 ounces.  He was introduced to another solid this month; so he can now eat bananas, strawberries, and mangos. We give him fruits in this amazing teether. He LOVES this thing!

For 3 weeks, Pauly has been able to balance himself and sit independently. I love watching him lose his balance and then regain it; it is incredible to watch. Everything is a toy to him, so he reaches for anything in sight. We spend a lot of time talking about the name, function, and attributes of the items he is interested in. He is learning so much by using his senses to manipulate items, so I want to enhance his development by providing him with descriptive language. He is cooing constantly, and he is very expressive with both his face and body. By looking into his eyes, it is easy to determine how he is feeling at the moment. I absolutely love that Pauly LOVES to smile and laugh; I am so lucky to have such a social baby. If he is playing in his exersaucer or high chair, he perks up whenever he is spoken to or we walk towards him. My favorite new thing that he does is he lifts his arms up when he wants to get picked up 😊

Paulino has been trying to transition from sitting upright into the crawling position, but he always loses his balance and falls face first. During tummy time, he is able to lift his head and arms completely as well as crawl backwards.

Teething and Sleep

The day that he turned 6 months, his bottom 2 front teeth finally started cutting through his gums. My poor baby is in so much pain, and he is having a difficult time sleeping. Ever since Paul’s 4 month sleep regression, we started cosleeping. It became way too difficult to get up as many times as I was, so this was our solution, and this arrangement has been working well for us. When Paul is developmentally ready, he will sleep in his crib and sooth himself. Right now, Paul needs to be parented to sleep.

Another amazing thing that happened the day he turned 6 months old was he fell asleep for bedtime without my boob for the first time since he was born. A week prior to this event, he started falling asleep in the sling rather than my boob for naps; and for the first time since Paul was a few days old, Matt was able too get him to nap! We are so proud of our boy!

The fifth month was a wonderful month for Paul and our family. We are blissfully happy and I wish we could slow down time. Every moment is beautiful =D

Here are a few pictures:












Thank you for reading, I hope you have a happy Friday =D

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