The Diary of Mama Bear: My Big 8 Month Old

Good evening and happy Monday! Month 7 was a big month for Paulie =D

Paulino is crawling everywhere; he rolls from his back to his tummy to either crawl or sit; he transitions into every position; if he is sitting on an object, he will reach underneath him to remove it and sit back down; if he wants to crawl somewhere and an object is in his way, he will stop, move it, and then continue on his way; he is completely independently mobile. He has been on a quest to discover everything in our apartment. He is constantly working towards his next skill: standing! He is able to independently pull himself up to stand; independently walk along the couch, coffee table, and other furniture; and independently balance himself while standing using one hand to hold on to something. While standing, he is trying to transfer from one surface to another (i.e. from the couch to the coffee table). It is so incredible!! It is amazing to watch Paulie practice and master new skills. He has even been practicing all of his gross motor skills in his sleep.

Just like mama bear and papa bear; Paulie loves to eat; and he has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom) to chew food with! He has been practicing picking up food with his fingers as well as trying to put it into his mouth. He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us =) We feed Paulie all healthy and organic fruits, veggies, and grains.

Paul is constantly talking; and has acquired a wide range of sounds and blends. I love how he uses these sounds and blends to have a conversation with us. He looks us in the eyes and will say something after we respond. He is also practicing talking with different tones. I love love love when he says something and waits for a response from us. On October 15th, he finally said “mama.” =D

Paulie is able to identify mama, dada, and grandma when asked “Where’s mama? Where’s dada? and Where’s grandma?” He also looks at dada and says “dada” and looks at mama and says “mama.”

Paulie has been copying me when I cough; it’s super adorable.

My little Paulino has mastered object permanence. A few days ago, I was playing peek a boo with him where I would go under the covers and pop out. Instead of me popping out, he would lift the covers to find me. After he did this, I placed objects under the covers and he lifted the covers to look for them. Now I can’t hide anything from Paul. If I put something that I don’t want him to have behind my back, he either climbs over me or crawls behind me to get it.

Paulie still very much dislikes being placed on his back. The moment he is placed on his back for a diaper change, he tries to roll over or sit up. He just wants to move! It’s very cute.

Paulie turned 8 months old on October 7th, and he has developed so much in just the last 10 days. Everyday, he is achieving new milestones. Matt and I are just having so much fun with him. I absolutely love being his mama!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a very happy Monday!!

Here are some photos =D



The two pictures we were playing peek a boo =D











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