Our 1 Year Anniversary at the Inn at Lake Joseph

Good morning and happy Wednesday! October is my absolute favorite month of the year. It falls during my favorite season and I’m so happy that Matt and I are able to celebrate our anniversary during the best weekend (in my opinion) of the year! October 27th was our 1 year wedding anniversary; and we made reservations to stay at a beautiful inn located in the Catskills mountains.

We rented the bronze room at the Inn a Lake Joseph; and the stay included six amenities that I was looking for:
1. A fireplace in the room. 
This was an electric fireplace that was controlled by a switch.
2. A jacuzzi in the room.
The jacuzzi was perfect for what Matt and I wanted; it fit both of us and the water temperature was perfect.
3. All day snack, lunch and drink access in the guest kitchen.
I was so pleased by how well maintained the kitchen was. They had two refrigerators (one for guests to store items) stocked with water, iced tea, sandwich meats and condiments, yogurts, and special of the day lunch trays (pasta salads, lasagna, etc). They also made hot chili for lunch. Next to the refrigerator, they had a variety of teas, hot chocolate, hot water, coffee and deserts (brownies, cookies, pound cake, etc). I was very pleased with the selection.
4. Hiking trails
The inn had two hiking trails on the premise and we really enjoyed both of them. The first trail was short, very easy and led us straight to the lake. The second trail was much longer and a little more strenuous. Both trails offered beautiful scenery.
5. Free use of row boats and kayaks on Lake Joseph
The inn is located near such a beautiful lake; which is where we spent the majority of our time! It was so gorgeous!
6. Breakfast
The inn offered both hot and cold breakfast; and they were very generous with the portions. They had cold breakfast choices that included bagels, fruits, sweets, oatmeal, yogurt, etc. The hot breakfast included omelets, eggs, bacon, sausage, Belgium waffles, potatoes, and pancakes. I really enjoyed the breakfast.
I would recommend staying at the Inn at Lake Joseph’s if you are interested in choosing from a variety of room options; enjoy bed and breakfasts; want access to hiking trails, row boats, and kayaks; want to go somewhere beautiful; and have a young child.
Here are some pictures:
The location offered exactly what we were looking for–seclusion in the middle of no where. We had such a wonderful time just spending time together in a peaceful environment where time seems to pass much slower. Thank you for reading; I hope you have a happy Wednesday! =D

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