The Diary of Mama Bear: Baby Angel is Nine Months Old

Good morning and happy Thursday =D Pauly has achieved so many milestones during month 8; at this point, I feel like he does something new everyday =D

Social Emotional. Pauly is a social little bear. He loves conversation with people he knows; and he loves loves loves back and forth play! =D Paulino has three favorite games with mama:

  1. Where’s mama? At the beginning of October, I started playing this game with him. To play, I say “Bye Pauly!”, give him a wave, and then crawl away into the next room and close the door. EVERY TIME I do this, he crawls to where he sees me go, pushes the door open, and as soon as he sees me I yell “you found me!” and give him big kisses. His smile and giggles melt my heart <3 I reverse the game when I see him crawling in front of me. When he enters the next room, I will say “Where is Pauly?” and he will peek his little head out and I will say, “I found you!” He thinks this is hilarious.
  2. I’m going to get you! To play the game, I say, “I’m going to get you!” He jumps up with excitement, and crawls away laughing! I dramatically approach him and finally grab him and give him tickles. He loves this game! =)
  3. Peek-a-boo! The third game is peek-a-boo. I have been playing peek-a-boo with him since he was a newborn; but it was only when he mastered object permanence that he started playing with me. Now that he does not think I disappeared, he always pulls the blanket off my head and laughs =D I’m teaching him to play “Where’s Pauly” so that we could reverse roles.

Paulino demonstrates that he has a secure attachment with me. He goes through a cycle where he is independently exploring his environment while making sure I am nearby. Then, he will suddenly come back and be attached to me. =D If he gets hurt, he comes right to me <3

Also, his separation anxiety peaked this month.

Gross Motor. Pauly is so determined; he will crawl over people, elevated floors, and obstacles just to explore an area or object. He loves crawling through the entire apartment and manipulate new items. He is able to balance himself on his knees without support. He loves to walk along surfaces and transfer to other surfaces; for example, he will walk along the couch, transfer to the coffee table and walk around it, then transfer to the end table until he decides to smoothly transition into sitting position. He has complete control over his body; he transitions smoothly, he rolls around; he balances himself; and he catches himself when he is about to fall. He is able to climb up mommy and daddy’s leg, look up, and put one of his arms up while supporting himself with the other to tell us he wants to get picked up. His transitions are very fluid.

When playing with toys, he likes to bang them together or throw them. When he rolls balls, he loves to crawl after them. He could also smoothly transition toys (and food) from one hand to the other.

New Emerging Skills: Paul is trying to stand and take his first step. When he is walking along surfaces, he will steady himself; balance; and let go. He is able to stand for 2 seconds without falling on his bottom =) He also tries to go into standing position from sitting position. He will transition into downward facing dog and then try to lift his body up. I am so amazed!

Fine Motor. Pauly is able to use the pincer grip to pick up food as small as peas and he is able to feed himself. He has spent a lot of time practicing this grip; and he is officially feeding himself eggs, peas, and chunks of mashed veggies =D I just love watching him concentrate as he picks up food and places it into his mouth.

He also loves opening his wipes and using the pincer grip to take out all the wipes!

Language/Communication. Paulino is excellent at communicating with us, and he babbles all the time! Sometimes he talks so much that it is as if he is telling us a story =) He is able to use his body language and vocalizations to tell us what he needs and wants. When he wants milk, he verbalizes “minya-minya-minya-minya” or he does what I call the milk call: “he-he-he-he-he.” He has acquired many new sounds and blends; a common one is “binya-binya-binya-bin” and other variations of those sounds. He uses “mama” and “dada” appropriately =D When Matt and I talk to him, he converses back and forth. He listens to what we say, and then responds. He is even practicing intonation.

One of my favorite milestones has to be Pauly going to look for a person when asked “Where is dada?” or “Where is mama?” When Paul is engaged in play, I will say “Paul” and he will look at me. I will then say, “where is dada?” and he will turn his head to look around the room and if he does not see him, he will crawl to where Paul saw him last, push the door open, see him, and then excitedly crawl to him. When he gets to him, Matt says “you found me!” and I say “you found daddy!” He is so excited when he finds the person that we ask him to find. It is incredible! =D

Pauly is mimicking our language all the time =D If we say “mama” he says “mama.” If we say “dada” he says “dada.”

Also, if Matt and I are engaged in something else, Paulino will work really hard to get our attention.

Emerging Skills: clapping hands, waving, sticking out tongue, etc; pointing at objects; looking at objects that we point to; copying actions (putting a bucket on my head).

Sleep. Pauly still takes two naps a day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They never total more than three hours combined. He usually falls to sleep around 6pm and wakes up around 6am. During the night, he typically wakes up every hour and a half to every two hours; and we always respond to his call or cry. Every time he wakes up, we parent him pack to sleep. He usually sleeps two sleep cycles in his crib, and then we co-sleep the rest of the night.

Paul does not stay in one position while he is sleeping; he will move from one side of the crib to the other and constantly change positions.

Breastfeeding. If women are able to breastfeed; I definitely advocate for it. Other than providing nutrition for him; it is an experience that takes Paul and I into a quiet place where we can relax and enjoy skin to skin contact. I now breastfeed approximately every three hours (which is much more spaced out than it used to be). I will never ever forget these experiences with him. During this time, he stares at me and plays with my hair; sticks his fingers in my mouth and nose; and just loves little playful interactions. He laughs when I say “i’m going to give you big kisses” and kiss his hand as it approaches my mouth; or when he sticks his finger in my nose, I say “i’m going to blow out the candles” and I blow on his fingers. Those little happy anime moon shaped eyes peeking up at me while he is eating or sucking will forever be embedded in my memory. Breastfeeding has also become so much easier than it used to be.

Solids. Paul is eating breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. He usually has oatmeal mixed with blueberries, strawberries, and mangos or an avocado for breakfast; an egg or Greek yogurt with fruit for lunch; and sweet potatoes, peas, broccoli, spinach and carrots for dinner. This month, we are introducing cheese, nuts, and beans. Paul is able to communicate to us when he wants to eat solids. =D

Paul is so much fun! Matt and I absolutely adore spending every second with him. I can’t believe that he has officially been out of my body for as long as he grew in my body. I am so lucky to have Paul as my son <3 I love being a mother.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you have a happy Thursday! =D

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