The Diary of Mama Bear: Paul is 11 Months Old

Good afternoon and happy Tuesday! =D Paulie is 11 months and 3 days old <3 Month 10 was a big month for Paul. He is completely aware of everything; he wants to learn about and explore objects and locations; he babbles constantly; he loves to eat and try new foods; and his personality has blossomed. He is such a happy, active, social, and outgoing little boy. He also grew another tooth! Here are some of the cognitive, language/communication, gross motor, and social/emotional milestones he has reached:


  • He has acquired depth perception and now stops at the threshold of the bed or couch to avoid falling off.
  • He is completely aware of his routine and locations in the apartment. When I tell him to go somewhere or to go get something, he goes right for what I asked him to do or get.
  • He is very very curious. He always points at things he does not know and looks at me to explain what it is. After I explain what it is and what it does, he babbles.
  • Paulie is clapping and waving =) He waves hello and goodbye independently.
  • Paulie copies our actions, such as sticking out our tongue or clapping.
  • Paulie has learned that to climb off the bed or the couch, he needs to turn his body and climb off backwards. This was incredible to watch him learn and master.
  • He is aware of the TV and likes to watch animated children’s songs on youtube; especially this five little monkeys video.
  • He understands that he needs to crawl under furniture to get objects; and then proceeds to crawl under.
  • He turns the pages and points to pictures and words while reading books.
  • He enjoys playing with the shape sorter and stackers. He pulls the shape sorter out of his toy bin along with some blocks and knows how to fit the circle through the circle hole. With the stackers, he knows how to put the pipe through the hole.
  • He identifies people and animals that he knows.
  • He really wants to feed himself. He has been practicing using a spoon the scoop food out of his bowl and feeding himself.

Gross Motor:

  • We have a climber!! He climbs onto the bed using the box spring as a step stool to help him up; and he climbs onto the couch (which is much taller) by hopping until he gets up.
  • He can stand up without support from sitting position to kneeling position to standing position.
  • He is definitely getting ready to walk.


  • Paulie has full blown conversations with us now. He babbles constantly!
  • He responds and initiates conversation. He is practicing many more sounds and blends.
  • He is able to tell us what he wants, needs, or feels using facial expressions, vocalizations and body movements.
  • He says the word grandma very clearly. He says “Guhma.”


  • Paulie loves playing social games more than anything else. He still loves playing “Where’s mama?” Peek-A-Boo” and “I’m going to get you.” In addition to these games, he LOVES patty cake.
  • He really loves to pretend he is talking on the phone.
  • Paulie loves to feed mommy and daddy at dinner time; and sometimes he even sikes us out and laughs about it.
  • He loves to mimic and be mimicked.
  • Paulie loves mimicking raspberries.


  • Paulie is becoming so much more independent while sleeping. I have been using my Nighttime Parenting Sleep Training Guidelines to create a program to help Paulie become more independent with sleep. For the past few weeks, I worked on creating a new sleep association with a very comfortable blanket so that he would no longer need to pacify on me for comfort to stay asleep throughout the night. Every time I breastfed Paul for comfort–specifically to sleep– I always snuggle with him under that blanket. Now, he is able to stay asleep in his crib when he is covered with that blanket for both his naps and during the night. He now wakes up approximately every 3 hours during the night rather than every hour to an hour and a half. I am so impressed and proud of him for the progress he is making.
  • During the night, I am able to get him back to sleep by patting him on his back in his crib if he is not hungry or thirsty.
  • We are co-sleeping much less frequently than we were perviously. If we co-sleep, Paulie nurses throughout the entire night since that is his most preferred way to sleep. Now that he seeks comfort in that blanket, he no longer needs to nurse to stay asleep (although he does prefer it) so I try to place him back in his crib throughout the night.

Paulie’s Interests

  • He loves to play the drums. He plays on Matt’s snare drum and carries around a drumstick all day. I love when he crawls around with it. He holds the drumstick just like Matt taught him.
  • He is very interested in instruments in general. He will point to all the instruments in our apartment; and plays with the acoustic guitar, ukulele, and piano.
  • He loves to play with problem solving toys–I will be writing a very detailed blog about the toys that Paulie plays with.
  • He loves to explore.
  • He loves to play with mama, dada, grandma, and his three kitties Boo Boo, Baby Jesus, and Owen.
  • He loves to listen and watch children’s songs.

Month 10 was so fantastic. I love watching him reach new milestones and I am so excited to see him reach new milestones throughout month 11. Here are some pictures:


Thank you for reading! I hope that you have a happy Tuesday! =D

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