Activity of the Day: Sensory Play with Uncooked and Cooked Pasta

Good afternoon and happy Tuesday =D Paul is 13 months old, and he is such a little ray of sunshine =D I am so excited to start sharing some fun educational activities that I do with Paul to enhance all of the areas of his development. I love being an early childhood educator because I believe that foundational skills (and the lack of) are one of the contributing factors that determine academic success. There are many contributing factors that determine academic success, but I will save that for a very detailed and opinionated post. =D Today, we had fun learning while playing with and talking about pasta.

  • Sensory Development:
    • He was exploring the difference between hard, dry, uncooked pasta versus cooked, sticky, and squishy pasta.
    • He used different grips to pick up the dry pasta and the cooked pasta.
    • He manipulated the dry pasta and cooked pasta differently. With the uncooked pasta, he picked them up and put them in different bowls and boxes. With the cooked pasta, he picked them up and squished it by squeezing his hands and stuck the pasta to surfaces and waited for them to fall.
  • Language Development
    • A lot of language was introduced during this activity. Paul was playing with two bowls that had different amounts of pasta in it. We talked about heavy versus light. In versus out. On top versus under.
    • We talked about the attributes of the cooked and uncooked pasta. He was introduced to the words squishy, sticky, wet, dry, hard, soft, gooey, cooked, uncooked, raw, etc.
  • Fine Motor Development
    • Paul practiced using different grips to pick up and manipulate the cooked and uncooked pasta.
  • Cognitive Development
    • This activity strengthened Paul’s hand-eye coordination. He was placing the pasta in boxes, bowls, measuring cups, and spoons.

Here are some pictures!

 Thank you for reading! =D Comment to let me know if you tried this activity and to tell me how it went <3 I hope you have a happy day! =D

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