Activity of the Day: Organic Planting with Mama and Papa!

Good evening and happy Wednesday =D Today, Paul had an enriching learning experience while planting with mama and papa.

  • Language Development:
    • He learned the following words: dirt, shovel, planting, seeds, oregano, parsley, chives, cilantro, thyme, organic, ants, worms, insects, holes, planting pot, dirty, crumbly, cold, windy, small, large, tiny, big, etc.
  • Sensory Development:
    • Paulie manipulated the dirt and gardening tools as we spoke about the attributes.
  • Motor Development:
    • Paulie used a scooper, hands, and fingers to scoop out the dirt from the dirt bag and put it in the planting pot.
    • He placed the seeds in the dirt with the pincer grip.
  • Cognitive Development:
    • He learned that we were scooping dirt in the pot and helped us with the task.
    • He learned that we were putting seeds in the holes in the dirt and helped us.

The learning activity will be ongoing because he will water the herbs everyday and watch them grow. We will talk about the necessities that plants need to survive (oxygen, water, and sunlight); as well as why plants need these necessities to survive. We we also talk about the parts of the herb plants.

Here are some pictures from today’s activity =D


Thank you for reading! I hope you have a happy day! =D

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