Learning Mathematical Concepts through the Manipulation of Blocks

As a early childhood educator, the constructive play area is an essential center in my classroom because it provides children with mathematical learning opportunities through the manipulation of blocks. In this center, children play with abstract geometrical shapes to create a structure using their imagination. During this play, students develop a foundation for spatial reasoning, spacial orientation (knowing how to get around; mapping), number sense (estimating, counting, understanding the meaning of the words many, few, less and more), geometric thinking (generalizing shapes across contexts by creating, manipulating, and drawing shapes), spacial visualization (using a mental image to manipulate imagined movements), problem solving, recognizing attributes of shapes (understanding points and lines), and understanding AB patterns (understanding repetitive and growing patterns strengthens the foundation of algebraic thinking; for example, a repetitive pattern of circle square circle square circle square). 

Paul has officially started building; and he is currently learning how to balance blocks on top of each other. =D Here are some pictures:

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