Activity of the Day: Making and Manipulating Mud

Happy Sunday! Today, Paul had lots of fun learning through making mud and getting dirty! 

Sensory Development 

  • Paul touched and explored the dirt in four phases. First he explored the dirt before we added water; then watched and felt the dirt as it turned into mud as we added the water; then played with the mud while it was wet; and then  explored the mud after it was completely dried up and hard from the sun. 

Language Development

  • During this activity, I used as much language as possible. We used the following words: dirt, dry, soft, dirty, gritty, mud, muddy, dump, add, pour, water, wet, sticky, heavy, light, sunlight, hot, dried, hard, etc.

Fine Motor Development 

  • Paul used multiple grips and grasps to manipulate the dirt, mud, and tools that were used during this activity.

Cognitive Develoment

  • Paul learned how the state of dirt changes to mud when water is added; and how mud hardens when it is exposed to sunlight.

Here are some pictures;

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