Activity of the Day: Making Banana Bread

Happy Tuesday! Today, Paul had so much fun learning through making, tasting, smelling, and exploring all of the ingredients needed for baking Banana bread. 

Language Development 

  • The following academic language was used during this activity: add, plus, subtract, minus,  more, less, bigger, larger, smaller, equal, first, second, third, then, last, finally, solid,  liquid, etc
  • The following language was also used: soft, wet, warm, hot, cold, hard, stick, butter, eggs, one, two, cups, measuring cup, bowl, flour, rise, sugar, sweet, stick, sticky, salt, salty, nits,  pecans, crumble, mash, fork, masher, mashed, pour, dump, mix, batter, in, on top, pre heat, oven, oven mit, rough, smooth, grainy, soft, etc

Sensory develoment 

  • He felt the difference between a cold stick of butter and hot melted butter. 
  • He felt the difference between a banana and mashed bananas. 
  • He felt the texture of flour, sugar, salt, egg shells, and the batter. 

Fine motor development 

  • He manipulated all of the ingredients and tools with a his fingers and hands.

Cognitive Develoment 

  • Practicing following one step, two step, and three step commands such as “pick up the spoon and scoop the sugar into the bowl”

This was a fun activity that strengthened Paul’s language, sensory, cognitive, fine motor, culinary and mathematical skills. Here are some pictures =)

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a happy day =)

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