Activity of the Day: Playing with Rice

Good afternoon and happy Thursday! As an early childhood educator, placing rice in the sensory table was always one of my favorite activities to do with the children. For such a simple activity, so much learning can occur so long as it is facilitated =) Today, Paul played with dry rice for the first time, and he had so much fun learning through this sensory activity! 

Sensory develoment 

  • He manipulated the rice by squeezing it with his hand, pinching it with his fingers, rubbing it on the floor with his hands, and using other tools such as bowls, measuring cups, and blocks to manipulate the rice with. 
  • He also felt the rice as I poured it on his hands and hid his hands underneath the rice. 
  • He picked and swiped the rice to find my hand, as well as other objects, hidden in the rice. 

Language Development

  • We used the following words during this activity: grain, hard, small, slippery, dump, pour, drop, rub, hide, hiden, cover, slip, a lot, a little, add, subtract, etc 
  • I used the following commands and questions: pick it up with your fingers, squeeze it with your hands, rub the rice between your hands, rub the rice on the floor with your hands, where are the shapes, where is my hand, where is your hand, use the scoop to scoop the rice into the bowl, etc. 
  • the goal is the expose Paul to as much language as possible. 

Fine motor development 

  • He is using his hands and fingers to manipulate the rice and tools. 

Cognitive development 

  • He engaged in pretend play =) he pretended that he was eating and cooking with the rice. He served us both rice in bowls and said “num num” and pretended to eat it. He even used utensils! 
  • He followed the commands and thought about the questions I asked.
  • He is practicing two step commands, such as “pick up the rice with your hand and eat it.”

Here are some pictures: 

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