Activity of the Day: Watering Plants

Good evening and happy Tuesday! Paul’s responsibility to take care of his plants is enhancing his cognitive development, sensory development, gross motor and fine motor development, and language development. 

Cognitive Development 

  • This activity teaches Paul that he needs to pick up his watering pot, fill it with water, walk over to the plants, kneel next to them, pour water in one plant, and then repeat for the additional plants. 
  • He is learning about how plants grow and sustain life. We talk about how plants need oxygen, carbon dioxide (and that we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide), water, and sunlight to survive and grow. 
  • He is learning about the parts of plants and trees. 

Sensory development

  • This activity requires that Paul touches a variety of textures. We talk about everything that he touches and their attributes.  

Language development

  • During this activity, the following words are used: gentle, rough, soft, hard, green, blue, yellow, first, second, then, watering pot, water, full, empty, pour, slow, slowly, fast, walk, run, careful, carefully, oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, rain, clouds, rain clouds, sunlight, hot, cold, liquid, solid, etc

Gross motor development

  • Paul has to walk on an uneven surface and keep his balance while carefully bringing a watering pot to the plants. 
  • He needs to climb up and down a high step. 

Fine motor development 

  • Paul has to use his hand and fingers to hold the tools needed for the activity. 

I love doing ongoing activities with Paul. Every time he engages in the activity, his language development, sensory development, cognitive developmeny, gross motor development, and fine motor development are strengthened. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a very happy Tuesday!! 

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