Body Progression: Everything You Want to Know

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Over the past 23 months, my body has gone through incredible changes. During this time, it was difficult to find information discussing the changes of a postpartum body, so I wrote the blog What Every Woman Should Know About Her Postpartum Body to share information about these significant changes. In this blog post, I shared research in addition to my own experiences with the postpartum changes (and if there were any) with my pelvic muscles, muscle mass loss, breasts, and vagina; as well as my experiences with diastatis recti, weight loss and fertility.

Pregnancy Progression

Week 1 and Week 17

Week 20

Week 23

Week 25

Week 27

Week 34

Weeks 36

Week 37

Week 39

Postpartum Progression

3 Hours Postpartum

 3 days postpartum

    feb 10thfeb 10th side

5 days postpartum

    Feb 12th front Feb 12th

18 days postpartum

        Feb 25th side  Feb 25th

28 days postpartum

         March 6th side  March 6th

47 days postpartum

march 25th side March 25th

3 Hours Postpartum and 14 Months Postpartum Comparison Pictures

At 47 Days Postpartum, I lost all of my pregnancy weight, but I still needed to continue to strengthen my pelvic muscles, close my Diastasis Recti, and tone my body. I started consistently working out 3 days a week when Paulie turned 9 months, and by 13 months, I increased my workouts to 4-5 times a week (all completed at home). I will talk about my workout regime in an upcoming post.

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a very happy Wednesday! =D

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