Activity of the Day: Playing with Chick Peas and a Coke Bottle

Happy happy happy Monday! Today, Paulie strengthened his fine motor, sensory, language and cognitive skills while playing with chick peas and a coke bottle.

Fine Motor Development

  • The activity required Paul to pick up one chick pea at a time using his pointer grip.

Sensory Development

  • Paulie manipulated the chickpeas by squeezing them, pinching them, and rolling them in between his hands or one of his hands and another surface.
  • He also felt the bottle.

Language Development

  • The following words were used during this activity: bumpy, hard, rough, small, many, loud, shake, turn, right side up, upside down, smooth, thick, long.

Cognitive Development

  • Requires Paul to understand that only one chick pea fits through the opening to the coke bottle.
  • Requires hand eye coordination.

Here are some pictures!

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a happy day! =D

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