Happy 23 Months Baby

Happy happy happy Sunday!! My baby turned 23 months old, and I am so excited to share some developmental updates.

Language Development

Paul now speaks using four word sentences. He tries very hard to make sentences when requesting and conversing. He uses please and thanks you independently, and we are working on you’re welcome. He also says sorry, but when he wants someone to say sorry to him; which is awesome. He now says water and instead of ahwah and grandma instead of gamma; in general is saying words much more accurately. He identifies every letter in his name, as well as the letter S,O,Y, and Z. He knows the sound that the letter P,A,U, and S make. If Paul is asked: What is your name? What is your last name? What is Dada’s name? What is Mama’s name? What are the names of your cats?; he can answer all of these questions accurately. He can identify most items and objects, and if he doesn’t know the name he grunts until we say the name of it. He uses the descriptive words sticky and wet. He identifies and tells us if the weather is windy, cold, rainy, and snowy.

He really enjoys singing songs. He will sing baa baa black sheep, ABC, and the wheels on the  bus independently. He also really enjoys open shut them, down by the bay, and skidamarink.

Paul is ready to be potty trained. He poops in privacy and asks to be changed as soon as he is done.

He is able to put on and take off his own pants.

Literacy Development

Paul has mastered book handling; he holds the book correctly, points to the title, points the the author and illustrator, repeats the title on the the title page, turns one page at a time, and says the end” when he finishes reading. His favorite book of all time is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and reads by memorization. He will say some words that he remembers, points at words while he reads, and then points to the pictures. When reading other books, he reads the store by looking at the pictures. He really enjoys reading independently. He also loves reading Go Dog Go, Dear Zoo, Pete the Cat, Nursery Rhymes, and Christmas Stories.

Cognitive Development

Paul is able to count to 10, and is learning to count you 20. He counts everything. If he picks up 2 cars, he will say “two cars.” He can now tell you the colors of objects that are “red, blue, orange, green, and yellow.” He is still learning other colors. He can identify circles, half circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, hearts, and stars; and can verbally tell you when objects are circles, hearts, diamonds, and stars. His favorite shape is a heart and his favorite color is blue. He is really interested in puzzles and sorting.

Fine motor development

A few weeks ago, I introduced Paul to art and fine motor activities. He really enjoys gluing, cutting with scissors, and glitter. He also enjoys coloring. He has not yet been introduced to paint. He really enjoys playing with playdoh. He could be engaged with play doh for an hour at a time.

Social Emotional Development

Paul loves social games, making funny faces, and laughing. He says the words laughing, funny, and happy when we are all laughing together. He tries-and succeeds-at making us laugh.

Up until this week, Paul was having 2 or 3 tantrums a day. Tantrums started regularly 6 weeks ago; and are exacerbated if he is tired or cooped up in the apartment for too long. When he has tantrums, we tell him that he is feeling sad, frustrated, and angry so that he can learn to identify these emotions; which are all difficult emotions to control. We proceed to give him choices of things he can do; or tell him to come to us when he is ready so that he can work out his emotions. As of this week, he has not had any tantrums. I am in the process of teaching him breathing techniques, and I really want to start him on children’s yoga classes.

He recognizes when he doesn’t like something done to him, and asks people to say sorry. For example, if I brush his ear accidentally while brushing his hair, he will look at me sadly and say sorry. This month, he started setting personal boundaries, and I am very proud of him for creating personal boundaries and expectations.


His sleep is amazing! Typically, he sleeps from 7pm to 7am; and if he wakes up, Dada soothes him to sleep. After story time, both dada and I kiss him goodnight and he goes to sleep on his own without anyone in the room. He takes one nap a day, ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours. He still nurses to sleep for nap.

Paulie is so much fun. He is interested in everything, he is hilarious, loves to roughhouse, is super energetic, and he is the most perfect little baby angel in the world. We are all so lucky and I am really looking forward to his birthday! Thank you for reading, I hope you have a happy Sunday!

Here are some pictures of baby angel:

First Haircut =D


Christmas Pictures =D

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