Baby angel is 3 Months Old

Good afternoon and happpppyyyyy Monday! It is hard to believe that my ChiChi Burra is officially 3 months old; and oh my goodness–what a dream baby she has been! She is just the happiest little bean. Developmentally, she is smiling, laughing, ticklish, desiring to be held all the time, trying to sit up and crunch every time we put her down, able to pull herself up when we give her our hands, making impecable eye contact, tracking us wherever we walk to, trying to talk to us by cooing, responding to us with coos when we ask her questions, making the sounds “ahhhhh” and “uhhhhh” and “ohhhhhh” and “mmmmmmm” when she coos, bringing anything the she grabs to her mouth– and if she doesn’t have anything her hand is always in her mouth. She is teething, and she is sleeping 6 – 11 hours through the night! I can’t believe I just said that. She absolutely adores Paul Bear, and her favorite thing to do is play peek a boo with him. We are absolutely in love with this little darling!

Here are some pictures:

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