Happy 6 Months Beautiful Chiara!

Good evening and happy Sunday! I can not believe how quickly time is flying; my baby girl is already a half year old! This month was an amazing month for Chi Chi Berra (pronounced Kee Kee), and she is very busy exploring her world these days. She absolutely loves grabbing everyones faces and bodies; every object near and far; and especially her tootsies! She also lifts her arms up and orients her body towards whoever it is she wants to get picked up by.

Over the last week, Chiara has completely mastered sitting up without falling over and also has mastered transitioning from sitting to crawling position. She is able to slitter across to floor with her arms when she is on her belly and there is a blanket underneath her since we have hardwood floors. Without the blanket, she crawls backwards!

Everything is a toy to her, so she reaches for anything in sight. We spend a lot of time talking about the name, function, and attributes of the items she is interested in. She is learning so much by using her senses to manipulate items, so I want to enhance her development by providing her with descriptive language. She is cooing and sing cooing constantly, and she is very expressive with both her face and body. Chiara loves to laugh and smile. Paul is her number one comedian; I swear those two NEVER stop giggling at each other any more. I am so lucky to have these two social babies. 

Here are some pictures:

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