Paulie and Chiara’s First Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Carving, and Halloween Adventures!

I know Halloween season has passed, but after uploading the rest of the pictures off of my camera tonight, I wanted to share pictures of these amazing experiences. We went to the most adorable pumpkin patch called Enchanted Valley Acres located on Enchanted Valley Road (How adorable!) and we picked out the cutest pumpkins including Paul’s baaaaabyyyy pumpkin. We came home, and carved and painted these pumpkins. Here are some pictures:

Paulie’s First Time Trick or Treating
Paulie was so excited for Halloween this year! We watched halloween movies and talked about trick or treating and he was sold on the holiday. He really wanted to be Mickey Mouse, and he was super excited when we made his costume! and oh my goodness, Paul cracked me up because he would knock on a door and then run 20 feet away! Here are some pictures!

Paulie Knocks
Paulie runs 20 feet away! 

Halloween was incredible and I am absolutely thrilled that Paulie got to experience his first time trick or treating here in Madison. He had a blast and made so many friends that evening! There are so many children here that everyone is in the Halloween spirit. I am definitely looking forward to next year when I have two babies trick or treating =D

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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