Paulie said, “That Tree!”

Happy Monday! Let me tell you a story using the words of Paul Bear.

“I found the perfect tree. Yeah. And I said, “Mama, this tree. This is the most perfect tree. A perfect tree for our perfect home.” Then, mama said, “Let’s look at some more trees.” And I yelled, “THIS TREE!” Yeah. I said, “THIS. TREE!” and then papa cut it down and shivled it home.”

Notice how I am a bad guy in this story. We went to the most adorable Christmas Tree farm, Miller’s Christmas Tree Farm, which had acres of Christmas Trees and seven different species of trees. We walked a few feet in and Paul picked the tree from the “THIS TREE!” story. After I said “sweetie, let’s look at some more trees before we cut this one down” he had a huge tantrum and protested by laying down in front of the tree. Matt and I cracked up because it was probably the cutest tantrum he has ever had. And. Paul was right; the tree is just the perfect tree for our perfect home.

Here are some pictures:


Decorating our perfect Christmas Tree:

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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