Chiara is 10 Months Old

Good morning and happy Sunday! =) My beautiful Chichiburra is already 10 months old <3 She loves playing social games. especially peek a boo and i’m going to get you; she loves sharing; she loves snuggling; and she LOVES playing with Paul Bear. She has five teeth (three on top and two on bottom) and loves to eat anything. She loves drawing with chalk on the chalk board, petting the cats, playing with the hammer board, listening to music, and dancing. She loves to explore everything and anything; and she loves to read books–especially Llama Llama Red Pajama and  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. She also really LOVES calendar time. She loves rolling cars, hitting objects together, and exploring everything and anything. She loves eating food! Her favorite food is Banana <3

Chiara is able to say dada and is working on other word sounds. She is very expressive with her facial and bodily expressions and grunts to communicate. She loves imitating sounds, such as clicking her tongue, blowing raspberries, etc. She loves to point at the things that she is interested in and wants to manipulate. She is able to clap, wave, and kiss (she always sticks her tongue out when she kisses) when asked =) She thinks its really funny when we pretend to get zapped when she touches our pointer finger with hers. She loves to dance (sway) to music. She is learning how to nod her head yes and no. She is able to climb, stand, kneel, roll and squat.

She understands phrases such as it is time to eat; it is time for breakfast/lunch/dinner; where is (person or animal)?; let’s read a book; where is the window; etc.

This little angel has separation anxiety; hours can go by where all she wants to do is be in mama or dada’s arms. She is the ultimate snuggle bear. She has also been struggling with teething. You can see how much pain she is in and she is unable to sleep because of it.

We love this little baby angel so much <3 Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a happy Sunday =)

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