Paul’s Second Birthday Celebration

Paul’s Second Birthday Celebration

Happy Saturday! I am so excited to share pictures from Paulie’s second birthday celebration! It was so wonderful spending time with people that we love so much <3 There is nothing more important to us than spending quality time with people that we love; and that quality time is exactly what made his birthday so special! Everyone who couldn’t make it due to illness or distance was wholeheartedly missed and present in our hearts. Paul had such a fantastic time and he was so happy to play with his cousins =) We are so lucky to have such a big family; and I am so happy that Paul Bear has so many wonderful cousins that are around his age that he can grow close to =D He absolutely loves them! It was so awesome to see how outgoing, friendly, and happy he was to spend time with them; and today will forever be such a special memory in my heart.

Everything about this celebration was super exciting for Paul. Paul had such a blast going food shopping with Matt and I to get everything we needed for his special dinner; he had fun helping Matt cook the morning before the party; he had a blast blowing up balloons; he had fun making the goodie bags and handing them to his cousins; and a smile did not come off of his face throughout the entire duration of the celebration =) Thank you for everyone who was able to come and celebrate with us to make his birthday so very special! <3

On the Celebration Menu:

  1. Sweet Sausage, Peppers, and Onions
  2. Meatballs
  3. Pasta
  4. Sauce
  5. Salad
  6. Birthday Cake

Here are some pictures:


Thank you for reading! I hope you have a happy Sunday! =D

Hello Wisconsin!

Hello Wisconsin!

I am so excited to announce that, after so much hard work and determination, my husband was accepted into an exceptional Masters degree program in Wisconsin for this upcoming September. Words can not express how proud I am of him for seeking out this incredible opportunity =) My family will be relocating to Wisconsin at the end of June for the next two years; and our plans thereafter will depend on opportunities that come our way. I am so excited to experience this new adventure and the next chapter of our lives together. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a happy Saturday!

Happy 23 Months Baby

Happy 23 Months Baby

Happy happy happy Sunday!! My baby turned 23 months old, and I am so excited to share some developmental updates.

Language Development

Paul now speaks using four word sentences. He tries very hard to make sentences when requesting and conversing. He uses please and thanks you independently, and we are working on you’re welcome. He also says sorry, but when he wants someone to say sorry to him; which is awesome. He now says water and instead of ahwah and grandma instead of gamma; in general is saying words much more accurately. He identifies every letter in his name, as well as the letter S,O,Y, and Z. He knows the sound that the letter P,A,U, and S make. If Paul is asked: What is your name? What is your last name? What is Dada’s name? What is Mama’s name? What are the names of your cats?; he can answer all of these questions accurately. He can identify most items and objects, and if he doesn’t know the name he grunts until we say the name of it. He uses the descriptive words sticky and wet. He identifies and tells us if the weather is windy, cold, rainy, and snowy.

He really enjoys singing songs. He will sing baa baa black sheep, ABC, and the wheels on the  bus independently. He also really enjoys open shut them, down by the bay, and skidamarink.

Paul is ready to be potty trained. He poops in privacy and asks to be changed as soon as he is done.

He is able to put on and take off his own pants.

Literacy Development

Paul has mastered book handling; he holds the book correctly, points to the title, points the the author and illustrator, repeats the title on the the title page, turns one page at a time, and says the end” when he finishes reading. His favorite book of all time is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and reads by memorization. He will say some words that he remembers, points at words while he reads, and then points to the pictures. When reading other books, he reads the store by looking at the pictures. He really enjoys reading independently. He also loves reading Go Dog Go, Dear Zoo, Pete the Cat, Nursery Rhymes, and Christmas Stories.

Cognitive Development

Paul is able to count to 10, and is learning to count you 20. He counts everything. If he picks up 2 cars, he will say “two cars.” He can now tell you the colors of objects that are “red, blue, orange, green, and yellow.” He is still learning other colors. He can identify circles, half circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, hearts, and stars; and can verbally tell you when objects are circles, hearts, diamonds, and stars. His favorite shape is a heart and his favorite color is blue. He is really interested in puzzles and sorting.

Fine motor development

A few weeks ago, I introduced Paul to art and fine motor activities. He really enjoys gluing, cutting with scissors, and glitter. He also enjoys coloring. He has not yet been introduced to paint. He really enjoys playing with playdoh. He could be engaged with play doh for an hour at a time.

Social Emotional Development

Paul loves social games, making funny faces, and laughing. He says the words laughing, funny, and happy when we are all laughing together. He tries-and succeeds-at making us laugh.

Up until this week, Paul was having 2 or 3 tantrums a day. Tantrums started regularly 6 weeks ago; and are exacerbated if he is tired or cooped up in the apartment for too long. When he has tantrums, we tell him that he is feeling sad, frustrated, and angry so that he can learn to identify these emotions; which are all difficult emotions to control. We proceed to give him choices of things he can do; or tell him to come to us when he is ready so that he can work out his emotions. As of this week, he has not had any tantrums. I am in the process of teaching him breathing techniques, and I really want to start him on children’s yoga classes.

He recognizes when he doesn’t like something done to him, and asks people to say sorry. For example, if I brush his ear accidentally while brushing his hair, he will look at me sadly and say sorry. This month, he started setting personal boundaries, and I am very proud of him for creating personal boundaries and expectations.


His sleep is amazing! Typically, he sleeps from 7pm to 7am; and if he wakes up, Dada soothes him to sleep. After story time, both dada and I kiss him goodnight and he goes to sleep on his own without anyone in the room. He takes one nap a day, ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours. He still nurses to sleep for nap.

Paulie is so much fun. He is interested in everything, he is hilarious, loves to roughhouse, is super energetic, and he is the most perfect little baby angel in the world. We are all so lucky and I am really looking forward to his birthday! Thank you for reading, I hope you have a happy Sunday!

Here are some pictures of baby angel:

First Haircut =D


Christmas Pictures =D

Our Beautiful Christmas Tradition

Our Beautiful Christmas Tradition

Every year, our family has a beautiful experience where we travel to cut down a tree from a Christmas Tree farm. For the last couple of years, we have driven up to Wantage Christmas Tree Farm in North Jersey. We love the drive up there, the location, and the tree selection. 

The experience is always spectacular. This year, Paul had a blast roaming around the land, exploring nature, and selecting trees that he liked. He was intrigued with the dirt roads, grassy land, mountains, and trees. We just roamed and enjoyed our time for a good hour before selecting a tree. 

We chose a beautiful, full, relatively short Douglass Fur tree. Paul helped Dada cut it down, collected part of the trunk that Dada cut off, collected some branches and pine needles, and helped drag it down the moutain. 

Here are some pictures from this beautiful experience:

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a happy day!

Our First Family Adventure to Central Park

Our First Family Adventure to Central Park

My family spent a beautiful day at Central Park; and it was many firsts for Paul. Paul loves anything and everything that is buses, so when we got on the bus to go to New York; he was ecstatic. Whenever we go somewhere, he is attached to papa bear; so Paul snuggled right next to papa and looked out the window while all nestled into papas body. It’s just so sweet.

When we arrived at New York, Matt placed Paul in our baby Bjorn and we started our walk to Central Park Zoo. On the way, Paul got to see everything that he loves; which is everything vehicles: fire trucks, taxis, steamrollers and the list goes on. He probably would have been completely content if this walk was the conclusion of our adventures! But then, we entered the zoo; and right on time for the sea lion feeding.

He calls sea lions Boo Boo because they have whiskers like our furry little kitties at home. Then we visited the penguin exhibit, where there were so many baby penguins to see. After, he really enjoyed observing the monkeys and playing peek a Boo with the birds. The best part of the experience was the petting zoo, he got to see and feed sheep and goats; animals that he has only seen illustrations of in his children’s books. He was wiped out by the time we arrived at the petting zoo, so Matt and I found a quiet (for manhattan standards) place in Central Park where I nursed Paul and he fell fast asleep for 30 minutes.

When Paul woke up, we spent beautiful time together at the park walking along the pond in Central Park. Paul got to see ducks playing in the water and observed a little boy feeding them. We ended our adventure by sitting in an area where we watched horses and people on bikes pass by. Paul initiated a game where he was pretending to dump his food over the fence so that we would chase him; he just couldn’t stop laughing. He is such a cutie. After 20 minutes of playing, the entire family was wiped out so we started our walk back to the bus terminal and got on the bus to Jersey City. It was the perfect day.

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a happy day!

Capturing and Embracing Happiness

Capturing and Embracing Happiness

I have always been a strong believer of embracing the positive of every situation; it has always been a defense mechanism of mine. Even in the darkest, most unbearable and [seemingly and sometimes] irresolvable of situations, there are happy and positive moments around you waiting to be captured and embraced. Getting stuck in a vortex of negative energy and pessimistic thinking can happen rapidly, especially if negative situations continuously arise; and when this happens, it is so important to search and find the happiness waiting to be embraced around you–as little as it may be. Every day that we wake up is a fresh start; an opportunity to approach the day with a positive mindset; an opportunity to create and discover new options to change undesirable circumstances; an opportunity show respect, love, kindness, appreciation and admiration for those around us as well as ourselves; an opportunity to seek forgiveness and forgive; an opportunity to reflect on yesterday’s experiences with the goals of making a happier life and a happier you. I am sharing some beauty that I captured today and some happy moments that I had with my family  =D What beauty and happy moments did you embrace and capture today? If you would like to share the happy moments that you have embraced today on instagram, use the hashtag #embracehappymoments

Fashion as seen in this post:

Paul: Jacket: Burt’s Bee’s Baby Similar One , Burt’s Bee’s Baby Similar Two , Burt’s Bee’s Baby Similar Three // Sneakers: Stride Rite Shoes // Pants: Hand-Me-Down

Sandra: Blouse: Express // Leggings: Forever 21 // Sneakers: Adidas

 Thank you for reading =) I will keep a lookout for your hashtag #embracehappymoments on instagram =D I hope you have a happy day!

Decorating For Christmas

Decorating For Christmas

Good afternoon and happy Sunday! Matt and I both love Christmas; it is a holiday that we both look forward to every year and it is a season that we want to make special for our little boy. Yesterday, we unpacked our Christmas decorations, put Paul in his Baby Bjorn carrier, put on some Christmas records, and decorated our tree. Here are some pictures:

Fashion as seen in this post:

Paul: Coverall: Burts Bees Baby

Sandra: Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness Shirt Circa 2016: Amazon // Jeans: Urban Outfitters (BBG) Circa 2013 // Baby Bjorn Carrier: Babies R Us

Records of the day:

Elvis Presley: Elvis Christmas Album

Do you have any holiday traditions? I would love to hear them =D Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you have a happy Sunday =D

Paul’s First Christmas Tree Story at Wantage Christmas Tree Farm

Paul’s First Christmas Tree Story at Wantage Christmas Tree Farm

Good afternoon and happy Monday! That very special time of the year is here and I am so excited to share the Noojin family tradition. Four years ago, Matt and I started a beautiful Christmas tradition to cut down our own tree, and this year was extra special because it was Paul’s first Christmas tree adventure =D  We could not have gone on a better day; it was sunny and cool–just the perfect day for tree chopping. For the past three years, Matt and I have found our perfect Christmas tree at Wantage Christmas Tree Farm in North Jersey. The farm is about an hour and half north of us; and the drive up there is so peaceful and scenic. We always listen to good Christmas music on the drive up there to prepare for the day. This year, I had the pleasure of listening to Paul and papa laughing and mimicking each other in the back seat. Matt said “Bah!’, Paul said “Bah!”, Matt blew a raspberry, Paul blew a raspberry. It is so wonderful to hear my son interact with us and be so aware and engaged with what we are doing.

When we arrive at this Christmas tree farm, exiting the car is always so refreshing. It is such a nice escape from the city; the farm smells like Christmas! The family who owns the farm always greets us with big smiles; they offer us help; complimentary hot chocolate and cookies; as well as a great conversation. It is just such a pleasant place to spend time at. Every year, they have a large selection of different types of trees to choose from. Matt and I usually choose the biggest Douglas Fur in the farm; but this year we wanted something smaller for Paul. Paul had such a wonderful time. He looked at, pointed at, and touched all of the trees; and babbled about them to us. He absolutely loves being outside and observing and touching his surroundings. We found the perfect Christmas tree–with its healthy thick leaves and triangular shape; we could not be any more happier with it. After Matt cut it down, he cut off a piece of the trunk so that we can make it into make into something special.

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

















And a big thank you to the family who operates the farm =D


Fashion as seen in this post:

Sandra: Coat: Modcloth circa 2012 // Hat: H&M circa 2014 // Sweater: American Apparel circa 2012 // Jeans: Urban Outfitters (BBG) Circa 2013 // Boots: Steve Madden (Troopa) circa 2011 // Kitten Scarf: Modcloth circa 2012

Paul: Hat: Babies R Us // All other clothes are hand me downs

Thank you so much for reading about Paul’s first Christmas tree story =D I hope you have a happy Monday!

Our 1 Year Anniversary at the Inn at Lake Joseph

Good morning and happy Wednesday! October is my absolute favorite month of the year. It falls during my favorite season and I’m so happy that Matt and I are able to celebrate our anniversary during the best weekend (in my opinion) of the year! October 27th was our 1 year wedding anniversary; and we made reservations to stay at a beautiful inn located in the Catskills mountains.

We rented the bronze room at the Inn a Lake Joseph; and the stay included six amenities that I was looking for:
1. A fireplace in the room. 
This was an electric fireplace that was controlled by a switch.
2. A jacuzzi in the room.
The jacuzzi was perfect for what Matt and I wanted; it fit both of us and the water temperature was perfect.
3. All day snack, lunch and drink access in the guest kitchen.
I was so pleased by how well maintained the kitchen was. They had two refrigerators (one for guests to store items) stocked with water, iced tea, sandwich meats and condiments, yogurts, and special of the day lunch trays (pasta salads, lasagna, etc). They also made hot chili for lunch. Next to the refrigerator, they had a variety of teas, hot chocolate, hot water, coffee and deserts (brownies, cookies, pound cake, etc). I was very pleased with the selection.
4. Hiking trails
The inn had two hiking trails on the premise and we really enjoyed both of them. The first trail was short, very easy and led us straight to the lake. The second trail was much longer and a little more strenuous. Both trails offered beautiful scenery.
5. Free use of row boats and kayaks on Lake Joseph
The inn is located near such a beautiful lake; which is where we spent the majority of our time! It was so gorgeous!
6. Breakfast
The inn offered both hot and cold breakfast; and they were very generous with the portions. They had cold breakfast choices that included bagels, fruits, sweets, oatmeal, yogurt, etc. The hot breakfast included omelets, eggs, bacon, sausage, Belgium waffles, potatoes, and pancakes. I really enjoyed the breakfast.
I would recommend staying at the Inn at Lake Joseph’s if you are interested in choosing from a variety of room options; enjoy bed and breakfasts; want access to hiking trails, row boats, and kayaks; want to go somewhere beautiful; and have a young child.
Here are some pictures:
The location offered exactly what we were looking for–seclusion in the middle of no where. We had such a wonderful time just spending time together in a peaceful environment where time seems to pass much slower. Thank you for reading; I hope you have a happy Wednesday! =D

Christmas Time <3

Good afternoon and happy Sunday! =D My favorite time of year starts during mid October when the cool autumn air first fills the city. This is the time of the year that I most love to spend time outside. Everything looks so incredibly beautiful, and there is something about the way it smells outside that makes me feel so happy. I feel the same way in December when it is brisk outside. There is something so exciting about getting ready for Christmas, and eventually, for the winter snow.

Every year, during the last weekend of November, Matt and I go to an amazing Christmas Tree Farm in Northern NJ  to cut down our own Christmas Tree. It is something that I look forward to all year. The whole experience of planning our trip and going on our trip is so wonderful and relaxing. =D We always pick a really tall and big tree. This year, we claimed a 7 inch super fluffy tree.

Here are some pictures:

Here is Matt cutting down the tree =D


Here is Matt dragging the tree to the car while I stop an look at holes created by animals in the ground. =D


We invested in a really good stand this year. Every year prior to this, we used a cheap plastic stand and all of our trees fell over. It was impossible to get them straight. This year, we purchased a metal stand. It is absolutely AMAZING and will definitely last us for years to come. =D


After the tree is set up, we let it continue open for a few hours. The apartment smells like Christmas as soon we open the tree. After the sun has set, Matt and I blast Christmas music and decorate our tree. =D After we are done decorating, we shut the lights off, sit in the living room, and just enjoy the moment =D


I can not wait for our son to share in these moments with us. It is so exciting that he will be 10 months old when he enjoys his first Christmas. I am very passionate about early childhood development, so I already have a list of functional toys that he will be getting next year that will foster his cognitive, fine motor, literacy and language development. <3

Thank you so much for reading, happy holidays! =D

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