Paulie said, “That Tree!”

Paulie said, “That Tree!”

Happy Monday! Let me tell you a story using the words of Paul Bear.

“I found the perfect tree. Yeah. And I said, “Mama, this tree. This is the most perfect tree. A perfect tree for our perfect home.” Then, mama said, “Let’s look at some more trees.” And I yelled, “THIS TREE!” Yeah. I said, “THIS. TREE!” and then papa cut it down and shivled it home.”

Notice how I am a bad guy in this story. We went to the most adorable Christmas Tree farm, Miller’s Christmas Tree Farm, which had acres of Christmas Trees and seven different species of trees. We walked a few feet in and Paul picked the tree from the “THIS TREE!” story. After I said “sweetie, let’s look at some more trees before we cut this one down” he had a huge tantrum and protested by laying down in front of the tree. Matt and I cracked up because it was probably the cutest tantrum he has ever had. And. Paul was right; the tree is just the perfect tree for our perfect home.

Here are some pictures:


Decorating our perfect Christmas Tree:

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Paulie and Chiara’s First Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Carving, and Halloween Adventures!

Paulie and Chiara’s First Pumpkin Patch, Pumpkin Carving, and Halloween Adventures!

I know Halloween season has passed, but after uploading the rest of the pictures off of my camera tonight, I wanted to share pictures of these amazing experiences. We went to the most adorable pumpkin patch called Enchanted Valley Acres located on Enchanted Valley Road (How adorable!) and we picked out the cutest pumpkins including Paul’s baaaaabyyyy pumpkin. We came home, and carved and painted these pumpkins. Here are some pictures:

Paulie’s First Time Trick or Treating
Paulie was so excited for Halloween this year! We watched halloween movies and talked about trick or treating and he was sold on the holiday. He really wanted to be Mickey Mouse, and he was super excited when we made his costume! and oh my goodness, Paul cracked me up because he would knock on a door and then run 20 feet away! Here are some pictures!

Paulie Knocks
Paulie runs 20 feet away! 

Halloween was incredible and I am absolutely thrilled that Paulie got to experience his first time trick or treating here in Madison. He had a blast and made so many friends that evening! There are so many children here that everyone is in the Halloween spirit. I am definitely looking forward to next year when I have two babies trick or treating =D

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy 6 Months Beautiful Chiara!

Happy 6 Months Beautiful Chiara!

Good evening and happy Sunday! I can not believe how quickly time is flying; my baby girl is already a half year old! This month was an amazing month for Chi Chi Berra (pronounced Kee Kee), and she is very busy exploring her world these days. She absolutely loves grabbing everyones faces and bodies; every object near and far; and especially her tootsies! She also lifts her arms up and orients her body towards whoever it is she wants to get picked up by.

Over the last week, Chiara has completely mastered sitting up without falling over and also has mastered transitioning from sitting to crawling position. She is able to slitter across to floor with her arms when she is on her belly and there is a blanket underneath her since we have hardwood floors. Without the blanket, she crawls backwards!

Everything is a toy to her, so she reaches for anything in sight. We spend a lot of time talking about the name, function, and attributes of the items she is interested in. She is learning so much by using her senses to manipulate items, so I want to enhance her development by providing her with descriptive language. She is cooing and sing cooing constantly, and she is very expressive with both her face and body. Chiara loves to laugh and smile. Paul is her number one comedian; I swear those two NEVER stop giggling at each other any more. I am so lucky to have these two social babies. 

Here are some pictures:

Happy 5 Months my Darling Chiara!

Happy 5 Months my Darling Chiara!

Good evening and happy Wednesday! Baby angel is 5 month old, and my sweetie is on the move! She is determined to stand up; sit by herself; reach for any and every object and put them in her mouth; and shimmy to appealing toys and people while on her belly =) Baby girl is so sweet and such a happy baby! She loves social interaction: especially cooing, laughing, imitating, and gawking at Paul. She loves peek a boo; and has the absolute cutest laugh when being tickled. We are so in love with her!! <3  Here are some pictures:


Thank you for reading =) I hope you have a happy Wednesday! <3

Happy 4 1/2 Months Chiara!

Happy 4 1/2 Months Chiara!

Good morning and happy Saturday! Months 3 and 4 have been incredible months for my little darling ChiChiBerra =) She found her feet and likes to look at them and munch on them. She rolls over from her back to her tummy and lifts her head up using her entire arms rather than just her forearms. She has been shimmying towards the direction she wants to go while she is on her tummy (usually towards Paul) and is moving longer distances every day.

ChiChiBerra reaches for objects and people, and tries to put everything she reaches for and grabs into her mouth. And, my favorite–she puts her arms out and orients her body towards you to express that she wants to be picked up or go to you =)

Baby angel has also entered her sleep regression. My  little angel is pouring saliva and teething =( Some nights, she does not sleep for more than two hours at a time. 

Baby angel is 14 pounds now, and breastfeeding is going strong. She usually just nurses to feed; and she prefers her pacifier and snuggles for comfort =) When she tries to nurse for comfort, she ends up screaming because I produce a lot of milk and it is not pleasant for her =/

My little angel is such a social and happy princess. This little cuddle muffin was made just for me!

3 Month Pictures

4 Month Pictures

Thank you for reading!! I hope that you have a happy weekend! =)

Baby angel is 3 Months Old

Baby angel is 3 Months Old

Good afternoon and happpppyyyyy Monday! It is hard to believe that my ChiChi Burra is officially 3 months old; and oh my goodness–what a dream baby she has been! She is just the happiest little bean. Developmentally, she is smiling, laughing, ticklish, desiring to be held all the time, trying to sit up and crunch every time we put her down, able to pull herself up when we give her our hands, making impecable eye contact, tracking us wherever we walk to, trying to talk to us by cooing, responding to us with coos when we ask her questions, making the sounds “ahhhhh” and “uhhhhh” and “ohhhhhh” and “mmmmmmm” when she coos, bringing anything the she grabs to her mouth– and if she doesn’t have anything her hand is always in her mouth. She is teething, and she is sleeping 6 – 11 hours through the night! I can’t believe I just said that. She absolutely adores Paul Bear, and her favorite thing to do is play peek a boo with him. We are absolutely in love with this little darling!

Here are some pictures:

Little Baby Angel is 2 Months Old

Little Baby Angel is 2 Months Old

Good morning and happy happy happy Thursday!

I can’t believe my baby girl is two months old already! I have enjoyed every single second with this precious angel =)  A few days after we brought her home, we took her to get a frenulectomy to release her posterior tongue tie and lip tie from the same incredible doctor that we brought Paul to. She had the same exact tongue tie and lip tie that Paul did; and I am so happy that we did the procedure immediately this time. Breastfeeding has been great since we got her frenulectomy. Little angel eats every 1 1/2 to 2 hours with her longest stretch being 3 to 4 hours (usually from 7pm to 11pm). She also accepts pacifiers (yay!).

When she was 13 days old, her umbilical cord fell off. She started tracking us a few days before she turned a month old, and started smiling at us at 5 weeks old. Her favorite thing to do is for us to sit her up and talk with her. She makes impeccable eye contact and coos and makes sounds and smiles in response to us talking to her. She loves social interaction, and loves to be held or worn.

Chiara loves tummy time. She has had really great control of her neck since the day she was born–and now, she is able to lift her head and shoulders to look at us. She also rolled over from her tummy to her back for the first time at 7 weeks old.

This little angel is growing so quickly. At her first month checkup, it was exciting to hear that she gained 2 pounds since birth. Now, she doesn’t even fit in her newborn diapers anymore =( I am excited to find out how much she weighs now!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Here are some pictures:

Labor and Delivery: Meet Chiara Gabrielle Noojin

Labor and Delivery: Meet Chiara Gabrielle Noojin

I am so excited to introduce you to our newest baby angel: Chiara Gabrielle Noojin. She was born on June 1st at 7:41 am weighing 6 pounds 13.4 ounces. She is the most perfect, most sweetest, most snuggly little girl ever =) Matt and I are just over the moon in love with this precious angel.

My Very Long Early Labor

Early labor began on Monday, May 21st. I was stuck at 2 centimeters dilated at least until my last doctors visit on Wednesday, May 30th. On a scale from 1 to 10, I was at a pain level of a 4 since early labor started. Contractions were coming 5 to 15 minutes apart and the duration of each contraction varied. While Matt and I were watching the playoffs on Thursday night, I noticed my contractions were slightly more painful; so I went to bed and tried to sleep through them.

My Very Fast Active Labor (explicit)

I woke up at 545 am with contractions that I could barely walk through. Having a false alarm previously, I decided to time my contractions for an hour. I took a shower, and since the contractions were still steady, I woke Matt up and said that it might be go time–aaannnd that I needed him to go get toilet paper from the store. Matt left to the store, and then I had 5 painful contractions while he was gone before my water broke. I had only been timing my contractions for 20 minutes. I was so mad at myself for telling Matt to leave for such a useless item at that point. I went into the hallway, and the first post water breaking contraction came and my anxiety kicked in. I knew this was it–my body was telling me to push with every unbearable painful contraction, and the contraction lasted one minute or longer. Every time I contracted, water gushed out. I was so anxious at this point, the hospital seemed hours away and I knew I could not bear this pain and resist pushing for much longer. I called my doctor’s answering service and told her that we were coming to the hospital.

Matt got home super happy about bringing me the toilet paper that I requested. I told Matt that my water broke; and when he tried to go upstairs to retrieve his wallet and some other things, I had another contraction that caused me to scream (see Laura palmer black lodge doppelgänger from fire walk with me). So we left everything and we borrowed my mom’s car while she stayed with Paul. The plan was to call an uber; but now that bodily fluids were gushing out with every contraction, that was no longer an option.

We got in the car and I screamed with every contraction the entire way to the hospital. I was so anxious about giving birth in the car that I was clenching her in; making the contractions more painful and me more anxious. Matt, as safely as possible, got us to the hospital in about 15 minutes; and I was screaming through every contraction the entire way there. We got really lucky and pulled over into a spot across the street from the main entrance; and he helped me get in as quickly as possible. We entered the hospital and Matt went to go find a wheelchair; but another contraction hit and I fell on all fours in the main lobby and screamed “please get me a wheel chair I’m about to give birth!” Yes, I made a scene. Luckily, a labor and delivery doctor (again, we were very lucky) was buying her breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts before her shift started and she dropped everything to help me. She ran me to labor and delivery. I screamed for pain medication and clenched on the the side of the bed and screamed with every incoming contraction. The nurses checked me, they said that I was fully dilated and that It was too late to take pain medication, and that I was ready to push.

My doctor came in almost immediately, we were again lucky because he was already at the hospital! They prepped me as quickly as they could– but at this point I was so fatigued. I didn’t want to do anything but clench onto the side of the bed and take a few minutes– and I was so exhausted and dehydrated. Matt heard me keep asking for water so he went and got me some ice chips which made me feel so much better. I finally stopped resisting and got ready to push, although, I was not pushing correctly at first. When I finally did one push correctly; all I could hear over all of the nurses and my doctor’s shouts was Matt’s very calm voice encouraging me. And in two more pushes she was out. I looked at Matt as soon as I felt her leave my body and I just cannot explain the intense and overwhelming feeling of love that takes over in that very moment.

The feeling of pushing her out was incredible. My body told me when to push and I teared so little that I did not need stitches. In my opinion, pushing the baby out is by far the least painful part of labor– the contractions past my water breaking were the hardest part. As soon as she was born the pain was completely gone; and I felt great. Recovery has been great. Now that I have experienced natural childbirth, I see how beneficial it was for my recovery postpartum. I do not think that I could ever do a medicated birth again (at least an epidural). It was just so beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading! Here are some pictures! =)

Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks Pregnant and Stuck in Early Labor

Good afternoon and happy Saturday! Today I am 38 weeks pregnant and we are counting down the days until we meet our little baby angel. I have been in early labor since Monday =) our little angel is indecisive on whether she is ready to come meet us or snuggle in mama bears tummy for a little while longer. This is a completely new experience for me as my labor with Paul was 13 hours from early labor to birth. With baby girl, I was a half centimeter dilated as of Monday when I saw my doctor for my weekly appointment; 2 centimeters dilated as of Wednesday after I saw my doctor again because I had some blood; and after contracting for days, I was still 2 centimeters dilated as of Saturday. I am having contractions every 5 to 15 minutes; and the duration and pain vary. During the last few weeks, baby girl has been super active all the time, and I love feeling her fetal movement! I treasure every roll, stretch, punch, kick, and hiccup. I am someone who loves to be pregnant, even with the difficulties that this pregnancy presented me with. The process is so beautiful and I love to enjoy every minute of the short 9 months. I am so excited to progress into active labor and finally meet our baby bear =)

Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks Pregnant

Good morning and happy Saturday! Today, I am 35 weeks pregnant and love feeling baby angel’s fetal movement! She is always super active! Little baby angel is 5lbs 1 ounce  =) This pregnancy flew by, and I am so excited for labor! Seriously =)

At 35 weeks, I have gained 24 beautiful pounds so far. As I experienced with My first pregnancy, my appetite has drastically decreased. I get hungry less often and I become full a lot quicker. The four main symptoms that I am experiencing is exhaustion, leg swelling and pain, a swollen and very painful vericrose vein, and consistent acid reflux. The doctor officially advised against my routine workouts due to the swelling, and I am grateful that I was able to continue my workouts until 32 weeks as opposed to 17 weeks in my first pregnancy. He approved me to continue walking and stretching, so I plan on attending a prenatal yoga class to learn what is safe at this stage in pregnancy.

Here is a picture of my body at 35 weeks =D

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a happy Saturday =)

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